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Playing Cards – Coolest Looking Cards

The six best playing cards of 2021 aren’t easy to choose. They’re tough, they’re elegant and they sparkle. They’re the stuff of legends, if legends were made of what happens on the battlefield, in a card room or in a game. If you need a little inspiration, here are six of the best decks you can buy for the future. They’ll bring you years of entertainment and memories.

Playing Cards

Royal Playing Cards: These decks – each of them a single deck in their own right – have been used by royal navy admirals for centuries. They’re a perfect choice for anyone who wants something elegant, with an antique appeal. They make a great gift for people who are into antiques. But don’t let their royal origins fool you; these decks are sturdy and reliable, with easy-to-store, easily-shuffled construction. They’ll hold up to years of use.

Five-Card Stud: These decks – with names like Rocket Ships, Cutlasses, and Trojan Horses – were played in famous tournaments and exhibitions around the world. They’re incredibly popular, with the highest quality of construction among many of today’s decks. In addition to the attractive designs, these cards are easy to learn and play, with excellent rules assistance. Five-card stud are ideal for tournament play, but they can be used for any casual card game.

Clubs and Squares: These are the most common card types you find in decks everywhere. But did you know that they also represent one of the most ancient card games? The game of clubs and squares has been discovered as far back as 4500 BC in Egypt. This may explain why club and square cards are some of the oldest cards known. And it’s a good bet you already own a few!

Hybrid Sets

These sets combine the best features of all the sets mentioned – but don’t let that fool you, they’re still a wonderful choice. A hybrid set is usually a combination of four cards that have the same name and a fifth card that aren’t necessarily part of either the player’s hand or deck. For example, Ace/King, King/Queen, Jack/Rook and Jack/Baretto all share a common card name, but they’re put into a different deck. They’re often printed in black, making them some of the most elegant cards in a standard poker deck.