Online Casino – Sunland Park Casino

Online Casino – Sunland Park Casino

Some Sunland Park attractions also have indoor New Mexico online casino locations. These include the Sonicare studio and the candy shop. These are just two of many attractions available to you. There are tons of shows to choose from and lots of food to eat. No matter what you desire to do there is a place to do it in Sunland Park.

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If you ever get the opportunity why not plan a trip to Las Vegas. Why not have a little fun while you’re there? Spend your weekend in the Garden District and check out the shops and boutiques. Maybe you’ll even catch a tour of the Bellagio. You might not need any of those ideas, but who knows?

Sunland Park Casino has officially re-opened after being closed for two and a half weeks. This whole situation has been quite the circus show with politicians, news reporters, and anyone else who could get a chance trying to hijack the re-opening for their own agenda. One such politician was so excited about the re-opening that he gave officials his phone number. Stay tuned to an ongoing story for more information.

Meanwhile, the casino itself has been operating without any of the casino gaming licenses they were given when they closed. The new licenses that have been given have been suspended while Sunland Park handles the situation. Will this affect the re-opening of Sunland Park? Probably not! But it’s always good to be prepared for any eventuality, right?

The re-opening is just one of many things going on in and around Sunland Park. There are also the impending grand opening of the Elks Lodge and Spa and the City’s first all inclusive all digital casino, which will be known as the Cloudehill Resort Casino. Both of these are sure to draw some great crowds and help the re-opening do well. I have heard some reports that the re-opening may be moved from its original site at Highway 401 to a more centrally located spot on Rodeo Drive or even on Ocean Drive so more visitors can experience all that Sunland Park has to offer!

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There was a lot of negative press regarding the way the reopening was handled by the Las Vegas Sands Corp. They claimed it was done in an unprofessional way and suggested the state should not allow the re-opening because it would cause more online casino games. But a local newspaper editor spoke to a Sunland Park resident who had previously visited the casino and had her feelings hurt because of how she was treated by the staff. Apparently, there were unruly and rude waiters and security personnel. She felt things got so bad that she asked for and got a refund and left.

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