Online Casino – Can Casinos Lose Money

Online Casino – Can Casinos Lose Money

“How Donald Trump bankrupted his worst online casino” is a question that has been on the lips of regular folks for quite some time. We have seen this famous quote on a billboard, an ad in a New York Magazine, and even on the silver screen in a Hollywood movie. Yet, the answer to this question still eludes most people. If you have a genuine interest in the answer to this question, then read this article. You will learn Donald Trump’s strategy of dealing with his troubled business at one of the most bankrupt casinos ever.

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You see, over the years, Donald Trump’s businesses have gotten a little bit of a dirty reputation. In particular, some of the business he had begun during the 1980’s with his personal credit card business was notorious. A recent Washington Post article reported that the New York State Attorney General had decided to investigate whether the Trump operation violated any laws concerning operating a for-profit private company.

The story reported that the AG was concerned about “an apparent pattern of deceptive advertising and other unethical business practices”. The AG’s investigation also included a look at Trump’s personal credit card to use while trying to start his business. It turns out, according to the report, that the AG’s investigation turned up nothing else but Donald Trump’s penchant for personal credit use and the ensuing bankruptcy of his businesses.

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Why did Donald Trump file for personal bankruptcy? According to his own account, he was forced to do this by the banks which were refusing to provide him additional credit. So, in essence, he went into bankruptcy as a business owner to take care of the banks which he felt were protecting loan failure. This makes perfect sense if we think about the reality that the online casino games were not only deeply involved in sub-prime loans, they actually colluded with Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development to keep foreclosure rates high in order to keep their gravy Train going.

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