How Not to Divorce A Gambler

How Not to Divorce A Gambler

A good way to see if it’s okay to marry a gambler is to do it if your life and the life of your partner are going to be better off because you’re going to have more money. My own parents made that argument with me years ago when I asked them if they’d rather go to jail than keeping a gambling fortune. My parents were fine with their life and future earning potential, but a marriage contract wouldn’t have allowed them to have benefited from it.

Disposing a Gambler

Many people are under the impression that if they are going through a rough patch with their marriages that it automatically means they should divorce a Gambler. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many Gamblers have been married for generations and have no problem with sticking together. It is the end of a marriage, or changing partners that can cause problems. For instance, if a Gambler has children, then they do not want to be forced into counseling, although many couples who get a divorce are abusive.

You may feel like your life is over when you find out you are going to lose your children, but that is far from true. Many Gamblers have children of their own and they have never married outside of their home country. In fact, many have children native to several different countries. The main thing to remember is that a Gambler has many different options outside of marriage.

Bring More Money

The premise of the Divorcing a Gambler by Bette Midler is that marriages fall apart because the participants are not willing to adjust their behavior or attitude to suit the other person. Each spouse can become the victim of this dynamic. For example, many of the complaints that come up in the book reviews include the husband complaining that his wife won’t eat properly or sleep with him. Or the wife may complain that the husband will never buy her flowers or candy on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Or perhaps the husband has started to talk badly about his family or adopted child’s mother. It’s enough to make the wife detest her husband and want out of the marriage.

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